As voted by our distinguished members!  We have included the blurb with which proponents pitched for our vote.  (Except where the book was too famous to need introduction.)

24 February – “The Four Loves” by C.S.Lewis

Very widely available. There is a free PDF on-line version: https://www.calvin.edu/~pribeiro/DCM-Lewis-2009/Lewis/the-four-loves.pdf

A modern classic.  Charity, Friendship, Affection, Eros.

31 March – “In this Vale of Tears” by Gerard Charles Wilson

Although published before “The Castle”, “This Vale” is the first of a trilogy in which “The Castle” is the second.  “This Vale” was described as a ‘dramatic outline of how these influences insinuated themselves into religious life before and after the Second Vatican Council.  It shows how seemingly devout, sensible religious women could be gradually attracted to un-Christian ideas.

Gerard Wilson is a Melbourne author and we are pleased to welcome him as our special guest for the March meeting.  Join us at 6 for a pot luck dinner (please bring something to share), or at 7 for the discussion.

The book is available on Amazon and Kobo.  You can also buy the book ($29.95, postage included) from Gerard via his website: http://www.gerardcharleswilson.com/contact-me/

28 April - “Introduction to the Devout Life” by St Francis de Sales

Very widely available.

An early 17th century classic.

26 May – “The Axe”, volume 1 of “The Master of Hestviken” by Sigrid Undset

Used copies available from Abebooks.

“The Master” was written following Undset’s conversion to Catholicism. Both her parents were atheists. A Norwegian novelist, Undset was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature in 1928.

30 June – “The Dialogue” by St Catherine of Siena

Used copies available from Abebooks; can also be read on-line.

A classic.  Her conversations with Jesus in similar vein to St Therese of Lisieux’s "The Story of a Soul".

28 July – “Gaudy Night” by Dorothy Sayers

Used copies available Abebooks; free ebook http://www.ebooksdownloads.xyz/search/gaudy-night.

Sarah Crown on The Guardian website highly recommends this novel, saying that above all it’s about ‘whether it’s possible for a woman to have it all: to have a life of the mind and of the heart, and to do equal justice to both’. 


25 August – “City of God” by St Augustine

Very widely available. The Gutenburg Project has a free on-line version: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/45304

29 September – “Out of the Silent Planet” by C.S. Lewis

The first volume of C.S.Lewis’s space trilogy.  A classic.  The central character seems to be modelled on Lewis’s friend J.R.R.Tolkien.

Widely available. Also on line in pdf: http://www.irishsecure.com/books/Lewis,%20C.S%20-%20Out%20of%20the%20Silent%20Planet.pdf

27 October “The divine comedy: Paradiso” by Dante Alighieri

24 “Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversy, and the Splendor of Truth” by Richard John Neuhaus

Used copies available from Abebooks

‘It would be difficult to find a guide so knowledgeable, so theologically astute, and so engaging as a writer. Father Neuhaus presents the 'high adventure' of a Catholic orthodoxy that stands firmly against the winds of adversity and confusion.’ - Avery Cardinal Dulles.

In the book Neuhaus, an ex-Lutheran addresses many of the controversies that have occurred in American Catholicism in recent decades.

22 December – Christmas drinks - and a short work to be advised closer to the date